Air Handlers

What is an Air Handler?

An air handler, which is also known as the air handling unit (AHU), is a device built to condition air in the HVAC system. This unit is attached to a duct system that will deliver or remove air for distribution after its conditioning in the AHU. There are different kinds but they basically contain heating or cooling components together with a blower, filter racks or chambers, dampers, and sound attenuates.

The following are the different kinds of air handling units:

Terminal Units

These are the small air handlers which are also called the blower coils or fan coils units since they only include air filters, coils, and blowers. This is the simplest form of an air handling unit. This is manufactured with a framing system that is single skinned insulated metal panels.

Makeup Air Unit

There is no re-circulated air in this unit since it conditions 100% of the air from the outside and this is the larger air handler. This is usually set up in a sectional manner and several meters long for strength and rigidity with steel rails for support underneath. This is manufactured from steel framing system with double-skinned insulated metal panels for heat reduction or heat gain.

Packaged Unit/Rooftop Unit

This is for outside use which is usually used on roofs hence the name. There is a special consideration for its construction. The weatherproof lid must be applied as well as additional sealing around joints to prepare the unit for unpredictable events outside.

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